The nanny will come to your home and care for your children in their own environment. The hours of work are stipulated by you and your nanny will work within your existing routine.

The nanny will arrive just before her start time for a handover and you will have a few minutes to discuss the day ahead and update her on anything that may have happened since she left the day before e.g. If the child has been unwell overnight or did they have a disturbed night etc. As the nanny comes to you there is no time pressure and the children can start their day when they are ready.

Equally, at the end of the day, the nanny will stay until the parents get home and her working day concludes. Should you get caught in traffic or stuck in a meeting there is no urgency to get back quickly to avoid a late pick up fee or have your child waiting for you at the end of an already long day.

Once home you will find that the children are fed and have already got ready for bed ( if that’s what was required ) this takes the pressure off you and you can enjoy what evening you have left with your children before they go to bed.


The nanny will plan daily activities for your children to do during their day. As the parent you can work with your nanny to make sure the children are getting a good balance of play and you can have a say in what they do and where they go.

The nanny will also be able to contact your friends and invite them for play dates within your home so your child maintains existing friendship groups during the week.


One of the biggest advantages of having a nanny is that their work covers all members of the family and part of the nanny’s daily schedule will be to help with siblings this can include helping to manage school runs, after school clubs and overseeing homework.


Nurseries have very strict policies on bringing in a child that is unwell or has been unwell within the last 24 – 48 hours   (depending what it is). Also, they will contact you at work and request you pick up your child as quickly as possible to avoid a spread of infection to other children in the nursery which can be very inconvenient to working parents.

Should your child be unwell your nanny will still come to work as usual and you can go about your day sound in the knowledge that your child is being cared for at home and can be taken to the Doctor  should this be necessary.