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Hummingbird Home Staff

Your guide to Hummingbird home staff services

Matchmaking you with Nannies & Housekeepers in Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire and surrounding areas

Hummingbird Nannies aims to provide a tailor made Nanny search so that families can feel confident in their choice of candidate and know their children are being cared for by the right nanny from the start. Looking for a nanny? Let's get the ball rolling

Hummingbird Housekeepers aims to provide a tailor made Housekeeper search so that families can feel confident in their choice of candidate and know that they have found the right staff for their home. Looking for a housekeeper? Enquire here

We also recruit Nursery Managers , Deputy Managers and Nursery Nurses on permanent contracts and can offer competitive rates to nurseries looking to build long terms working relationships with Hummingbird.

Along with our core roles we often get approached for other roles requiring the same core skills and attributes.

With over 20 years' experience in the Fire Service and 6 years working for the NHS as a co-responder, Ron is very well equipped to deliver bespoke training courses for your individual needs.

Providing reliable experienced  companions,housekeepers and practical help for your loved ones!!

Hummingbird Family Support supports the dignity and independence of elderly clients living happily, and independently, in their own homes. From spending a few hours per for a coffee and chat to daily visits encouraging development of social life, escorting to leisure activities, housekeeping duties and preparing meals.