What is the difference between a deep clean and a regular cleaning service?

Most Families use a regular cleaning service on a daily or weekly basis. This service will make sure that your surfaces are clean and high traffic areas are kept clear. Deep cleaning is normally carried out every 3 months to 6 months and our team will thoroughly sterilise all areas of the home including wet areas that will often harbour germs, needing descaling and mold treatment. We clear all cupboards, clean and arrange products neatly.

For example, When was the last time the grout was cleaned on bathroom tiles or the back of your food cupboard?

Regular cleaning maintains a good level of cleanliness around the house. Regular cleaning tasks often cover things like:

  • Hoovering and mopping the floors
  • Cleaning bathrooms – sink, mirror, bath, and toilet
  • Tidying up
  • Cleaning the kitchen – wiping down work surfaces, cupboard doors, hob etc

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Our team will thoroughly sterilise all areas of the home including wet areas they will often harbour germs, needing descaling and mold treatment

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Health Benefits of keeping your home clean

Invisible germs and bacteria live in your home and these are a threat to your family of potential disease. Lots of our relatives have allergies caused by pet hair and dust. Keeping your home dust free will make sure you keep potential allergies away. Clutter and dirt like each other but they are not good for mental health. A clean home keeps you focused and relaxed.


Using regular cleaning products do not always irradicate the virus so all the hard work you put into wiping surfaces can be wasted. It is important to use a product that breaks down the wall of the hidden virus and then using a two clean technique the virus is wiped away after it has been dissolved. Using multiple clothes and disposing is key. Our prediction is that even after lockdown we will need to keep up deep cleaning and anti virus techniques to keep homes and work environments virus free. Most people become accustomed to cleaning their own home and so do regular cleaners making it easy to miss the same areas over and over. We recommend a one off Deep clean at least twice a year to avoid this. Germs spread in places we can’t always see.

We all know there is nothing better that relaxing in a home that is clean and tidy. According to psychologist's a clean home help maintain a clean mind that is able to process and function with less clutter. There is nothing worse than an unfinished project as it plays on your mind making the day less clear. Hummingbird deep cleans ensure the house is left spic and span

“Cleanliness is next to godliness”

Common Questions

How long does it take?

We try not to think of the clean in germs of hours it takes and more that it will take as long as it needs to get the job done properly. We will not cut corners in order to save time as this is where most regular cleaners make mistakes.


Every home is different so we try to quote based on an individual need. Please call for a chat and we can supply a rate card.

Can I book Hummingbird to clean on a regular basis?

We do not offer a daily cleaning service as we feel that our home staff recruitment are best to find the right fit for your home if someone will be with you daily. However if you would prefer a deep clean weekly or monthly rather than a regular cleaner this can be arranged and can be cost effective.


We like to provide our own products and use our own equipment as we use approved cleaning materials and wash our equipment after every use. Of course if you prefer we can use your own if requested. We can also advise you on products.

What is included?

We will clean all wet areas, kitchen, floors, banisters, skirting boards, sides and surfaces. It is a detailed clean. We will not do laundry, ironing, clean carpets or ovens.