Nanny Insure

The policy that provides peace of mind for you and for your employer.

Nannyinsure is a specialist public liability policy created especially for professional nannies and helps to protect you should anything happen to the children whilst they are in your care. It also protects the important relationship between you and your employer giving you both peace of mind.

Applying online is quick, easy and completely secure, and choose between two policies, both of which offer the same great benefits as well as qualify for that all important Ofsted registration:

  • A £3,000,000 limit of indemnity for an annual fee of £70
  • A £5,000,000 limit of indemnity for an annual fee of £90

You need go no further to find insurance that will provide you with that important cover. As a service provided by Way2Paye, the UK's leading payroll provider for nanny employers, you can sure that your policy is handled by people who have the same caring and responsible attitude as you provide to the children in your care, and to their parents.

Visit the nannyinsure website for more information