At Hummingbird Home Staff, we believe that our fees should be simple, clear and transparent so that you can be sure of what you will be charged.

We have designed them so they will fairly reflect the hours worked by, and the experience of, the housekeeper you employ.

You would rightly expect to be charged less for a housekeeper that does not have the same experience as someone with many years spent in household management. This is usually reflected in the net hourly rate of pay you agree with your housekeeper.

Placement fees

Permanent placement fee

Our permanent placement fee is 12.5% of the gross annual wage of the housekeeper, which will be calculated by multiplying the weekly gross wage by 52 weeks. The fee charged will be subject to a minimum of £600.

For example, for a housekeeper who earns £300.00 gross per week, the fee would be £1560.00. This is calculated as £300 x 52 weeks x 12.5%.

A live-in housekeeper will be calculated at 15%.


  • Inner and Greater London fees are 15% of the gross annual wage. Live in housekeepers are 17.5%.
  • Minimum fee £800.

Temporary placement

A temporary position is any position of six months’ duration or less.

Our fees will be based on a flat rate applied for each day that the housekeeper works for you:

  • First day £65 / London £80
  • Per day thereafter £20 / London £30

If you have a specific need for a longer-term temporary housekeeper, we would be happy to discuss options for an appropriate basis of employment and a more cost-effective fee structure

Overseas Placement

Information is available on request. We are pleased to say that none of our fees attract VAT.

Replacement Policy

Hummingbird Home Staff realise that sometimes circumstances change, and sadly things may not work out between families and housekeepers. Unlike many housekeeping placement agencies, we guarantee that if within eight weeks, you and your housekeeper part company, we will find a suitable replacement without further charge.

To qualify for a replacement, the following conditions must be met:

  • You have paid the appropriate placement fee in full within our 7-day terms.
  • You notify Hummingbird Home Staff of any termination within 2 days.
  • You have not changed significantly any of the original requirements for the housekeeper.
  • The housekeeper did not resign due to unreasonable demands placed upon them or because you changed significantly their duties.
  • You still intend to employ a housekeeper.

For full details of the basis of our replacement policy, please refer to Section 7 in the Hummingbird Home Staff Terms and Conditions of Business.

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