For the more elderly members of our families, living on their own can be extremely daunting and challenging especially when it comes to looking after their homes and maintaining their independence and dignity.

At Hummingbird Senior Support we provide experienced, reliable and friendly Domestic Support Staff across Hampshire, Sussex, Surrey, Berkshire and London.

Every member of our senior support staff are fully vetted and personally met and interviewed by an experienced and qualified member of our team, prior to meeting with our families and clients.

So what services can our Senior Support Staff provide? Well, in a nutshell, everything other than personal, nursing or medical care!! Generally, there is nothing that domestic support workers can not and will not do, and the assistance and help they can provide can be a blessing and a God-send to our clients:


We all know how tiring and tedious the monotony of housework can be for those who are able to manage, but for those who are more frail and less able just simple tasks such as changing bed linen, taking care of laundry, keeping on top of the ironing, hoovering, dusting, polishing, cleaning the bathroom/toilet and kitchen etc can be too much.


Hummingbird Senior Support Staff are well aware of how good nutrition is essential in older age, and how this can and is easily and frequently neglected by many clientele. They will prepare and cook fresh meals daily for those who are unable to do so, and ensure that all dietary needs are met. 


Another and very frequently mentioned reason for poor nutrition in our elderly clientele is the inability to actually leave the house and travel to the supermarket etc in order to buy the correct fresh foods required in order to maintain a balanced healthy diet. Our domestic support staff will assist with preparing shopping lists and meal plans (if required), escorting their clients to and from any required shops and supermarkets, assisting with locating the required items within the shops and packing the shopping away again on return back home.      


As part of promoting the client's health and welfare, our senior support workers will also escort the elderly and infirm to all and any medical appointments at clinics, hospitals and GP surgeries, and will ensure that all relevant family members are updated on every occasion of the outcome of every appointment.


Promoting good mental health is also vital in elder care as it is an essential factor in staving off depression and illness. Our domestic helpers will encourage the continuation of any social groups and activities by escorting the clients to and from the required location.


No matter who we are, we all know how common it is for our senior family member to feel isolated and alone when we can’t be with them as often as we would all like to, so even if it’s just popping in for a coffee and chat once a week, spending time reading to clients or playing board games to keep minds and brains active, Hummingbird Senior Support can provide the ideal companions for your family members no matter what their needs are.      

All of our staff are self-employed and each Domestic Helper is allocated a permanent client and vice versa. This ensures peace of mind and consistency for all!

Hummingbird Senior Support is here to support families across the South East and are offices are open 7 days per week. If you would like more information or to arrange a free home visit from our qualified and experienced senior members of staff, please feel free to call us on 02393 105818.

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