Senior Support Fees

At Hummingbird Home Staff, we believe that our fees should be simple, clear and transparent so that you can be sure of what you will be charged. We have designed them so that they will fairly reflect the hours worked by, and the experience of, the person that you employ. 

Permanent placement fee

  • 10% of the gross annual wage of the home support which will be calculated by multiplying the weekly gross pay by 52 weeks. The fee charged will be subject to a minimum of £450.00

For example, for a person who earns £300 gross per week, the fee would be £1560.00 and is calculated as £300 x 52 weeks x 10%

A live in Home Support will be calculated at 12%


  • Inner and Greater London fees are 12% of the gross annual wage.
  • Live in Senior Support workers are 15%.
  • Minimum fee £550.00

Temporary placement

A temporary position is any position of six months’ duration or less. Our fees will be based on a flat rate applied for each day that the home support works for you.

  • First day £50 /  London £65
  • Per day thereafter £15 /  London £25

If you have a specific need for a longer term temporary person we would be happy to discuss options for an appropriate basis of employment and more cost effective fee structure.