With today being a year from when we first heard about Covid -19 and finding our lives changing with lockdowns, tiers and stay at home campaigns it’s no wonder parents are beginning to feel the strain. We started enthusiastically in true British style back in march but now we are showing signs of surrender.
As a nanny agency that works closely and builds relationships with both families and nannies, we hear some very funny stories, and these have been keeping us laughing our way through this pandemic and keeping us sane in our new home office. We have had some fantastic homeschooling schedules with some of the best multitasking ever imagined including “9am home economics – How to make me a coffee” “11am engineering – Assemble and operate a shark vacuum” and the best of all “science – How fairy liquid removes dirt from plates”
I think we can safely say that the novelty is wearing off and our phones are ringing off the hook with parents needing some part-time, temporary support during this pandemic. It is so lovely to be receiving thank you notes and emails of gratitude as our nannies step in to offer some professional homeschooling and getting routines back to normal without the screaming and hair-pulling. Hummingbird love what we do and are blessed to be working with the most amazing child care and home care specialists that really are making a difference during this virus.
Stay safe and sending lots of Hummingbird hugs
Kerry and the team xx

COVID-19, Home schooling and Hummingbird Hugs!
Kerry Barnham
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Kerry Barnham on 20th Jan, 2021