At Hummingbird we have noticed an increase in families contacting us seeking the services of a flexible before and after school nanny. Many families are all struggling with the similar constraints of other forms of childcare such as after-school club, or a child-minder. The main concern raised by parents is that these forms of childcare are simply not flexible enough when they are running late from work. Other parents are seeking to hire a nanny to enable their children to attend extra-curricular activities, such as brownies, swimming lessons, and to be able to say yes you can have a friend over after school.

Why employ a nanny before & after school?

Parents who employ a before and after school nanny typically require some support in the mornings, and in the afternoons / evenings. Providing wrap around care around standard school or nursery hours, with extra hours in the school holidays if needed. Benefits are the flexibility it offers, and appointing somebody who understands your families ethics can directly support your children in their development. Another key factor is the cost saving, particularly when there is more than one child.

What is the nanny’s typical duties?

  • Take and collect children from school or nursery,
  • Escorting the children to their after school activities,
  • Ensuring the children have a nutritious evening meal,
  • Supporting with homework and reading,
  • Bathing and preparing for bedtime.

How much should I pay a before and after-school nanny?

This is dependent on where you live in the UK. However a typical hourly rate is approximately £12 -£15 per hour.

Can I ask the nanny to work more during school holidays?

Yes, if your nanny is able to work during school holidays. Some families also recruit a nanny who is happy to support them with a few hours housekeeping a week, often to take care of laundry or light cleaning or taking the dog for a walk.

If the nanny works more during school holidays, how is the salary calculated?

The salary can be done two ways, either average the salary out across the year (the nanny receives the same amount each month). alternatively you can pay the nanny each month according to the exact hours worked.

How do I hire a before and after school nanny?

Hummingbird provides a nanny recruitment service to allow parents to ensure they hire their nanny in the most compliant way possible. We can take care of the full service, introducing you to a shortlist of the most suited nannies who are experienced.

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