Embracing the assistance of a live-in nanny housekeeper is a pivotal step toward maintaining the harmonious functioning of your home.

The benefits of hiring a nanny or housekeeper are huge. However, there’s no denying that hiring live-in help is a big step and can be a bit daunting for you and your family.

But help is at hand! As a specialist live-in housekeeper agency, we’ve helped numerous families through the process of hiring live-in help.

So, as you prepare to welcome this invaluable member into your household, here are a few key considerations to ensure a smooth transition for both your family and your housekeeper.

7 ways to prepare for live-in help

1. Create a comfortable living space

Creating a comfortable and private living space for your nanny housekeeper is essential. Start by allocating a spare room equipped with a bed, wardrobe, window, and chair.

Additionally, if possible, you could also provide a dedicated bathroom and kitchen space can contribute to a sense of autonomy.

2. Think about meal plans

To make the culinary transition seamless, share your family's preferred meals and dietary preferences with your housekeeper.

Offering a meal plan for the initial weeks, complete with recipes, will help your nanny housekeeper cater to your tastes while adapting to your family's unique culinary preferences.

3. Establish some house rules

This is a really important one: establishing clear house rules is crucial to maintaining a healthy balance between personal and shared spaces.

Define specific times for family activities and private moments and be sure to clearly communicate your expectations regarding guests to ensure everyone feels respected and comfortable.

4. Consider payment and employment

As you will now be assuming the role of an employer, it's vital to handle tax and national insurance contributions responsibly.

Setting up your nanny housekeeper with a reliable payroll company and addressing any concerns before the start date will foster a positive working relationship and prevent any problems from arising down the road.

5. Factor in daily expenses

Another important step is making sure you facilitate your nanny housekeeper's daily expenses by providing funds for necessities like fuel and groceries.

You could consider establishing a petty cash system or offering the use of a dedicated debit card to streamline financial matters – however, make sure you encourage the housekeeper to keep detailed receipts for accountability.

6. Keep communication open

If your nanny housekeeper will be caring for young children, it’s essential to involve them in the process of their arrival.

Openly discussing their role, engaging the children positively, and ensuring a smooth introduction can foster a strong bond between the housekeeper and the family.

7. Don’t forget about transport

Finally, if driving is part of the housekeeper's responsibilities, you need to verify that they hold a valid driving license and arrange appropriate insurance coverage.

Taking these steps ensures a safe and secure transportation environment for both the housekeeper and your family.

Need further advice about preparing for live-in help?

If you’ve made the decision that hiring a housekeeper is the right decision for you, as you prepare to welcome a live-in nanny housekeeper, approaching the transition with careful consideration and open communication is key.

By addressing these aspects thoughtfully, you set the stage for a successful partnership that not only supports the needs of your family but also enhances the overall harmony of your household.

If you need further help and advice, you’ve come to the right place! As a specialist live in housekeeper agency with over 25 years of experience in childcare, there’s no one better to help you find the right fit for your family.

Simply contact our team today to learn more about how we can help. Here's to the beginning of a wonderful collaboration!

7 things to do to prepare for live-in help
Kerry Barnham
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Kerry Barnham on 18th Jan, 2024