My job is the perfect job. I look after three gorgeous boys who all have very  different personalities.

I care for them like they are my own, we have so much fun and I have to stop and think to myself who else would have this much fun at work!
Each day is different, I'm always trying to plan lots of new ideas,  not only what to feed them but also ideas to keep them happy and occupied,  both hard sometimes especially when one is a really fussy eater!!

School holidays are always great,  trip to.theme parks always go.down well ( so does the kitty the parents leave me!) river trips,  bike rides... Board games ( which I get beaten by a nine year old constantly!)

I don't think there's a job I'd rather be doing that's as rewarding as this dream job

By A.J. Hummingbird Nanny

Why I love being a nanny...
Kerry Barnham
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Kerry Barnham on 18th Jun, 2015